Tuesday, April 30, 2013

15km of Tar

After almost 90km of trail last week I thought it was be a good idea to stretch my legs out on the hard black tar of Ravensmead...

I was feeling good after 3 days on the trails, so I lined up with my fast shoes on... Today I was racing the clock! I didn't stand on the front line, but was about 4 people back, the old man infront of me didn't look that fast (sorry) so I asked him if he was going to start fast? he said NO and moved to the side.

The guy on the front row took off with the gun, but the junior ahead of me was a little slow and it took me all of 25meters to pass him.

Left turn, left turn, right turn... Yes that wasn't a good way to start, but we were now in our running as I passed a couple of fast started. I also passed to vets (40+) guys John and Johnny!!!

1km 3:52 WHAT... OMG they have stuffed up the route I'm 25sec off pace, lets hope it's just a km marked, Ms 310 called it 1.16km. 2km I'm still passing guys and the clock reads 7:20 and I can see the 2km marked on the road, Ms. 310 calling it 1.16km. OH sh...t if I want club colours of 52:15 I have to go BIG!!! passing a couple of of 'kids' I feel I'm running well, John has joined me as I pull up to a junior from my club and a guy from New Balance. At 3km there is a nother guy from my club on the side of the road!!! and he starts running again catching us and joining the bus, the junior has fallen off the back.

5km 17:44 I had wanted (needed) 17:25 so was still behind (dam that 1st km.) Km to 6 was good, but the maths wasn't working well, think the time was 21:08. I'm was stuffed, and want to pull out of the race against the clock and just jog in. Km 7 has the bridge and the turn-a-round in, that should slow you down... Hell know it was the fastest km of the race 3:20. Dam, the race was on again and I was back in it, the clock is going down. It's New Balance guy, myself and John left and we are running hard.

10km 34:40, that was fast, 5 to go... The thoughts are rushing through my head, but I'm keeping carm. 1km at a time, 3:30 is all that is needed 11... 12, then New Balance picked up the pace, Ms 310 called it 3:15 and I felt the change in pace was just too much. I backed off I could just hold 3:30, 3:15 was hurting me... John went as well, but the break didn't last long as New Balance broke and I fought back to John and set the pace 13km 45:00, if I could make it to 14km in 48:45 it would be easy pickings...

Another sub 3:30, how did that happen? I had been setting the pace, bit John wanted the win (ok we were only 12 and 13, 4 & 5th 40+) I kept running hard I only had the clock to beat and pulling anything in the last 500m would just be stupid. I stopped the clock on 51:51!!!

2 down, 1 to go... What you ask, I chasing club honours and need 3 different club colours times 10 km tick, 15km tick. Half needed (75:40) or marathon 2h40:00, I'm going to have to pull finger...

Thank for reading guys...


  1. That hurt. I think I held my breath through the hold post willing you to get there under time. I don't know if I'll be able to do that if you run a half or a marathon.

  2. Club colors! Club honors! Go for it Coach! Wow, that's so exciting! Great job!