Wednesday, April 17, 2013


NOT EVERY RACE IS A RACE, That said it's hard not to up your game when the gun goes off...

Saturday morning saw me on the startline of a race I was hoping to do well in, now while my training has been OK my health took a small turn! So while my legs took a little rest from heavy running my noise took over!!!

While I like to stand on the startline and know that the big guns are sleeping in, today wasn't one of those days. 3 of the best of the best where out, and this for a little 10.3km race with 4 little hills in it. No gun started us off, we listened to the count down over the walkytalky and set off up the hill. Yes the hills are at the start of the race, and in the middle of the race and at the end of the race... To be fair it's really uphill the whole way, we do climb over 800min those 10km!!!

So with the 3 boys out from I was next with a couple of kids on my shoulder and to be fair 2 of them pulled ahead, but as the km passed the short lead they had opened closed and we formed a chase group again. At about 4km the race is flat and I settled into my running...

Just a note here, I am sick and should really have stayed home in bed, but I don't listen to the doctor... so every breath of mine was like breathing in live coals!!!!

Back to the race: I stretched now group and soon there was only a 17 year old left with me... I could see the front guys up ahear and timed the gap to tbe about 2min! On the last little climb of the gravel this kid pulled ahead!!! only to grab some water!!! I hit the tar, about 5km to go and still 400+m climbing, was this kid going to teach the old man of the mountain a lession?

NO, round the 2nd bend he was toast and needed a walk, while I just kept plugging away... Far in the distance I could see the leaders were no longer together, the race was on...I don't always enter a race with my sights on winning or trying to beat Mr X or Mr Y, many a time it is the clock that has me going, and today I was chasing 50:00, but was a bit behind as I looked at the 2km to go board. 10min for 2km is easy on the flat, but I still had 180m to climb... I finished in 50:51 over 5min behind AJ who had won.

the view to Cape Point
Yes it was a perfect day and the view was amazing, unlike my last trip to the top when I couldn't even see 5meters ahead of me.

With another race on Sunday I took the single track down, No wait I was taking it down in any case, I wanted a little practise at hopping down the mountain!

Sunday saw the 2nd running of the VOB trail run in the Vineyards of Constantia. I really should have taken it a little easier and taken a couple of pictures. This was 20.7km with 400+m climb (thank you Ms 310) and on the first climb I found myself in 4th place behind a couple of road runners. With yesterday in my legs and another big race next weekend I really just wanted a little tempo run... I think I paced myself well and my legs were just turning over at a nice pace. I tried to run with the 5th placed guy for a bit, but on the next hill I pulled ahead again so I just kept running. On the road it's easy to slow and not worry about anything, but on the trail I find myself just running and having fun.

We ran through a troup of baboons rading the grapes maybe there are photos out there, but none I've seen... By 12km I had about 60 sec over Carl in 5th, but with 3km to go and now running in the soft sand on the flat to the finish. I slowed as i was running through the back markers of the short race. THEN with 800m to go I looked back and saw him. He was running hard, so I upped the pace a bit, but still he came. for about 100m we sprinted neck to neck, then I stopped, what was I doing!!! I was 1st old man I didn't need 4th, I wasn't racing, and what about next week... I settled for 5th and waved as I come in...

Next week AFRICAN X, 3 days and about 90km... should be fun.


  1. I'm so glad you beat that 17 year old. They can be cocky at that age so it's good to have them put in their place.

    Wished you had your camera for the baboons though. Next time you should definitely be prepared.

  2. Hope you get those baboon photos, that sounded amazing! Love the view! Hope you feel better - seems it didn't make a difference though - you really kicked some (young) but!