Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've got a couple of hard / big weeks behind me and now I think I need a break!!! Now that break has been planned and is part of the program... While most of the guy I coach are still training hard this week with Cape Town marathon only on the 22nd. I have TMC on this weekend. Already last week I was feeling it, well OK it wasn't the training getting to me to was my health as I caught a little bug, and, and, and...

I am also running Cape Town Marathon and since I was taking this week easy I thought I would put in a little 20km trail / mountain run on Saturday followed by a short flat easy run on Sunday!!!

Saturday was amazing without a breath of wind, and while I did ask a couple of friends to join me I ended up alone, They seem to think I would kill them, really now I don't have time to hide a body on the mountain!!!

I started of slowly as I headed up the road section I wasn't really in a rush, that was till I turned onto the single track and I thought I was running fast enough to take a crack at breaking an hour to Maclear's.

Top of the World (61min up)
I looked around and there wasn't a sole, I had the mountain to myself...
Low cloud/mist over the suburbs
Now it was onto Platteklip, then left to Valley of the gods / Echo Valley heading to Kasteels...

Love that view, will be running there in the evening in the summer...
I wasn't alone anymore, I bumped into Brian running his own loop, and across the valley I could see Mike and his group... I had in fact just decided to set chase after Mike (I didn't know it was him but guessed). I would have caught them, but I spent 5min chatting to Brian.

2h13 later and 20km with 1000m climb under the belt I was back at the car had heading home. Remember I had told you I wanted a short easy run on Sunday, well Roger had other ideas...

He's running Berlin at the end of the month and wanted a lost long run, so I ended up meeting him for 30km out to Simon's Town and back.

Hope my legs recover this week as Saturday's race is a biggy with 3 of us old men taking on the kids... over 37+km and enough climb to make Table Mountain seem a lot higher than it really is!!!


  1. Not too bad for an old man! I did 12 x 400m on monday, mostly in 78-79. Tonight or tomorrow will do 5 x 1000m, although today is set to reach almost 100 degress...

  2. Great views. No wonder you love running on the mountains.

  3. Beautiful running you have there! And for an old guy, you do pretty darn well! ; )

  4. I just do what Lucille Ball did: The best way to stay young, is to lie about your age! (Only kidding) But running is definitely keeping us young even when we are tired!

  5. awesome pics as usual! Yea, the Hewitt-Del Potro match was awesome to be at, what a match.

  6. And an update on my body - it is feeling much better. I wouldn't say that I am 100%, but I am probably 90-95%. I'm been doing some run/walking maybe 40 minutes every 2 days, and I notice very minimal if any pain after. And way less noise or pain during. Not sure if it's related to the fact that I'm doing more cross training now, or due to taking 2500 mg of glucosamine, but I'm not going to question it. But I'm still going to take it slow.