Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Before we talk about my "Come Back" there is a lot of other racing that has been happening:

First up, on the 25th was the UTCT (100km or 62km trail race), while they started in the dark and some would be ending in the dark I was only up at first light, early enough for me! I started my run at the Nek and ran over the mountain to meet the runners at the top...

Finding the perfect shot!
So much for the perfect short, the clouds closed in and...

Leading lady, no Lion's Head in the back ground
It was cold and windy up there and I didn't stay long, I was only dressed for a run on the mountain!

So I headed back...

I decided to follow the 2nd lady down!
OK I was really up there to support her and would have run a couple of hours with her if it was aloud! I took a shortcut and let the guys race on... I did catch the race again on top before heading back down to the Nek.

Leg 1 finished
I didn't see Chantel again, but I was back on the route a couple of hours later to watch the front guys finish leg 2 (loop into Hout Bay).

Eric had been leading since the mountain and was a long way ahead and looking strong, Andrew in red was 3rd, but would catch 2nd... I watch 6 guys come through, but I had to go home before I found myself out the whole day...

Watching ultras can take a long time!

Now a week later I was back up the mountain watching the next race: 3 Peaks... I had left home 5 min later than planned and had to run hard to see the front guys come through!

Martin in 2nd place, but would end up winning
 I left Maclears before the first lady came through but was heading on the route so I saw Katya flying along the top...

Katya leading the leads as she turns at Maclears
When she caught me I let her pass and tried to stay with her till Platterklip! She bounced down while I watched a couple more guys (and ladies) slogging up before I headed back to Constantia Nek...

Me playing on the mountain!

On on with my comeback...

While I might never have really taken off and I even run a couple of races while on holiday, I don't feeling I racing if I'm not on the road or track lining up for something fast!
Now not that I was hoping to be running fast I lined up for the Old Mutual 10km race in Pinelands. I didn't race, but ran as hard as I could, and those last 3km hurt. I was happy with my 37:15.

With 3 peaks on the Saturday (2h30 on the mountain supporting), Sunday's half (Landmarks) was not going to be easy, but it would be good training for Winelands Marathon on the 15th... The race breaks up into 5km flat, 5km climb, 5km down, and 5km (6.1) flat. it was hard work, but the body held out.  I was aiming at 84min and while the last 5 required a bit of work and I finished with 3 sec to spare...

Winelands, here we come ready or not!

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  1. Not at all surprised that you followed that second lady down. Or that you would have enjoyed the view all the way.