Monday, December 20, 2010


On Wednesday I ran my first race since the marathon, in fact it was my longest run as well... We went through to the Waterfront for the Sundowner 10km run. Now unlike other year the weather played ball. The wind of the past weeks took a break and the sun popped behind the clouds to break the heat we have had in past years.

With 2000+ people running I was lucky to be standing on the front line just behind my wife, so when the gun went off boy did she have to run!!! She left me standing and it took we almost 500m to catch her. With this being my come back race I wasn't going for a time for myself, but was, if my body let me, going to run with Dawn and see if she could sneak under 44min.
Now I was running with Mr. Garmin and he was telling that we were running fast enough going through the 1st km in 4:11. Now that was 1km one as per Mr. Garmin, but the race marker was a few seconds away. I wasn't worried as a board or 2 are always a couple of meters out. We were running fast enough to break 44, but as the km past it seemed to Mr Garmin that everyone km was a couple of meters to long... Mr. Garmin had us at 5km in 23:30, but the 5km board only past at 22:01. I wasn't worried, even if the race markings were to continue as the first 5 had, as we now had the little wind behind us...

Dawn lost it on the 8th km and lost a little time something we couldn't afford to do with on time in the bag. I was now a couple of meters ahead, and when Mr. Garmin told me it was 10km in 43:09, but I still had 184m to go!!! I finished in 43:55 with Dawn 10sec back just missing 44.

All that is left to race / run is the Boxing Day Manor House race. (I'm going to need that after all the Christmas food I'm planing on eating.)

Now let me leave you with something Daley Thompson use to say: I always train twice on Christmas Day and New Year's Day as I know my competitors won't be training...

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