Thursday, December 2, 2010


So after my recovery week, I was ready to jump in and get training again... But the coach in me said we needed another week on the come back trail. I was back at the club on Monday and with no more races to aim at this year we are building for 2011. Monday's session was to be an easy run through the forest and up to Rhodes Mem for a couple of stairs!!
We started off slowly and turned into the forest, then with a few seconds over 10min on the Garmin (1.79km) something jumped up and bit me... well that is what it felt like. I had torn/strained my calf!!! I sent the 'boys' on to do the session without me.
I walked/hobbled back to the club and headed for the fridge. I was in search of beer, but the committee had drunk them the week before while painting the clubhouse. No problem I found a bottle of red wine!!!

On Tuesday morning I gave the Psycho I mean Physio a call and got an appointment with Grant on Wednesday. Wednesday was a good day for me as I had taken the rest of the week off, I had planned on running up the mountain, but that wasn't going to happen now. Not one to sit around without doing anything I hopped on the bike and went for a cycle only 75min, but I had plans for later in the day...
I was taking on the pool, not swimming, but running!!!
I put the belt on and tied myself to the fence and set off. I thought about wearing the Garmin but I wasn't going to get very far being tied up!!! After 10min I had done enough... Now what do I log in the logbook, 1.5meters in 10min? Or do I call it 2km saying it was at 5min/km? (was running about 55 steps to the minute).
Thursday morning I was back on the bike, this time for 2 hours and one mountain (Ou Kaapse Weg). Things were going OK till 1h45 when I hit the wall... I didn't hop in the pool as I got home, but waited for the evening before my 11min run.

Enough said, and I'll try running next week, till then it's cycling and the pool!!! Maybe aqua-cycling is the way to go!!!

As for now I have my birthday to plan.