Friday, December 17, 2010


So I'm on the 'come-back trail' or at the moment the 'come-back road'... Monday I started where things went wrong 2 weeks ago. But this time I did things a little different, I sent the boys off ahead of me, and where they turned into the forest I went straight up to Rhodes Mem... Not wanting to put too much strain on the calf on my first run back I walked half the 500m hill. I didn't do the 10min of stairs, but did walk up and down a couple of times encouraging the boys as the spring was drained from their legs!!! After my rest I easily made the short run back to the club. Day one and the body was still working.

A quick trip to Pretoria does nothing for my running, but a day off in my come-back was just fine.

Wednesday saw me head out with Will for a 6km run. After a very slow start I was running at 4:30/km on the flat... all I can say is it's a good thing Will turned to run home, because I hadn't planned on running at that pace, and I'm sure my calf wouldn't have taken kindly to much more of that.

Thursday was a public holiday, the type of day I would normally spend on the mountain, so I decided to head to the mountain, but with the wife and dogs for a gentle walk.

I'm wearing a knee guard because I have 'big' veins and it helps with blood flow, or so I'm told.

We walked a couple of the routes I enjoy running

Dawn climbing through a fallen tree.

Me trying to be artistic with the flowers and Dawn...

It wasn't all over grown single track...

I'll run a bit on the weekend and then take it from there, but by the new year I hope to be running well enough to line up for the Bay to Bay 30km...

Next week I'll have to have a look at the year that was and it wasn't a good year by any means.


  1. Beautiful area. Looks really tough though.

  2. I like to run the really tough route, but it's really just a little overgrown, makes a great walk for the dogs.