Monday, May 2, 2011

A lot has happened since I ran Oceans trail over Easter.

First up I watch the Half and the Ultra on Saturday and it was the most amazing day to run and for us to watch, OK it was a little cold in the morning and by the time the last of our friends were finishing the the 56km it was getting warm.

With it being Easter and all I didn't really run again till Monday when I took the boys (Ake and Jayde) up the mountain 19.5km 680m climb 2h03 just what was needed.

Now on Tuesday it was raining and with African X around the corner I didn't want to get sick.

Wednesday and another public holiday, so that meant another long run: I stayed on the road and ran flat... the aim 20km at 4min/km. At 13km I was going along nicely and had 1 min in the bag... By all means I would have finished the run in about 78min feeling great, but running towards me was a pretty girl!!! So I had to stop and chat, and then I decided to run with her for a bit... OK it was a friend (Lauren) and she now lives in the UK and was out for a holiday. can she run, yes boy can she run... years ago her 1st half was run in about 2h10 min, now she has just run Oceans half in 81mins!!! Anyway my 20km run soon turned into a 2h09:33 30km run (what is 10km between friends, has that ever happened to you?)

Didn't run much the rest of the week, till today (Monday, another holiday) when I took my African X partner (Bruce) out for a run on the Oceans Trail route. 2h17, that sort of time would have placed us in the top 20 in the race!!! let us hope we can carry a bit of that form into our race this coming weekend...


  1. I hope you can do the same this weekend! GL! And, I have to admit I know little about your holidays. Is it normal to have so many so close together?

  2. A half in 81 mins?!?!?! Even your friends are super heroes!!!