Thursday, May 19, 2011


That is my voting station at 07h20 in the morning... I didn't stop, I had more important things to do first thing in the morning, RUN.

I was meeting my friends at the Nek for a little run on the mountain. We headed up the from the Nek on the gravel / concrete road to the tap before turning to the single tracks...

I didn't take any early pictures as it was still darkish and yes a little cold up there for my hands to be working the phone camera... but with the sun on it's way up and showing a little face through the clouds I had to start clicking away.

Jayde and Ake reach the ladders first, running with me on the mountain is more of an adventure than just a run...
Jayde looking out over Camps Bay.

They kept running away from me when ever I stopped to take a picture... Some of the paath up there are easy going and you can run...

But the sometimes it looks like the path is swollowed up by the fynbos...
Mr. Garmin called the run 21.3km with over 1000m climb. It wasn't really that bad, most of the climb was on the "road" in the first half and then other than the ladders we could run, so our time was 2h17 just was the doctor ordered...
After a beer at the cars I headed off to the the shops to buy more beer and braai stuff... We had friends popping round for lunch and I still needed things.

Don't worry I did get to vote at about 17h00 and it took me all of 5min17...


  1. You always have amazing running pics!!

  2. I agree with Nelly. You always have amazing pix. And it's great that you take advantage of them. There are great running trails out here too but I don't take advantage of them like I should.

    You amaze me.... As usual.

  3. I'm just pleased I have 'friends' to share them with...

  4. awesome run! Keep the pics coming!

  5. yes, running gets in the way of voting or better, voting gets in the way of running.
    Thanks for the visit. I just wrote a post about running my last marathon last week and choosing it because I could drink wine with friends...something not quite right with that picture