Tuesday, May 31, 2011


15 years ago I would still hit 100km on an easy week, now I only reach 100km when I'm training hard for a marathon. So with my Marathon in just under 6 weeks time it's time for a rest week. Over the last couple of weeks I have tried to work hard putting in a couple of good sessions:
  • Long runs in May: 1st weekend, African X = 2h00, 3h21, and 1h45. 2nd weekend 21.5km 20.7km then 21.3 on the Wednesday, that weekend I raced so didn't get a long one in. Last weekend in May 30km and a 14km on the Sunday.
  • 3 hill sessions and two 500m sessions
  • weekly distance has been: 114.6km (African X), 80.9km, 91.3km and 100.9km. After this easy week I hope to be back up at 100+
I love easy weeks, but this easy week is more than just a time for my legs to get there spring back, it's also a taper week for a race on the weekend. The race will tell me how fit I am and how hard I can train in the last block before the marathon.

Till then I won't be running much, but I will be walking the dogs:
can't stay out of the forest...

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  1. Enjoy your time off. I hope the spring comes back to those legs..