Thursday, December 29, 2011


That was a long time ago... but this is what I can remember:
The office closed early on Friday so I went for a midday run, got to get the extra runs in because...

Saturday Morning I decided that since I was going to eat to much later I should run to much now! Now real training only starts the 2nd week of January so till then it's time for a little base work!! The aim was to run for 2 hours, this would be my 1st long run since the marathon...

I break this little run up into 5 parts and today I was only doing 4 of them:

  1. Ran from home to Constantia Nek, 7.4km 186m climb. I wasn't great, but I kept it under 5min/km
  2. From the Nek up the Bridle Path, 5.3km 476m climb. Things were coming right 31:07 (5:51min/km) when I race this I can be 5min faster, so as an easy run I felt pleased.
  3. Around the dams at the top of the mountain, didn't do this leg, not fit enough and not enough time.
  4. Down the way we came up, 5.3km 476m down!!! I didn't race, just kept it easy and was happy with 23:57 (4:29/km).
  5. Home was bound. I would normally head back the way I had come, but after 10min I was toast!!! Ready to curl up under a bush and sleep, I almost mugged a cyclist and free-wheeled home... I don't know if I was ready for a 2 hour run, or was the mountain BOSS!!! I dragged my body home 6.6km dropping 186m and averaged 5:02 min/km (slower than the up run!!!)
I had earned Christmas dinner and the evening we headed to my folks place for Christmas Eve. 

Yes all the family was there about 20 of us, and yes it was a full spread on the table, but what is the first thing one does when you enter my moms house? You head for the kitchen and the crunchy tin!!!

OH dear!!!
Other than that it was a great evening.

Christmas Day was great we woke, walked the dogs, ran, swam, and still got to church on time. 

Then it was time to start lunch! I had a Turkey to cook on the Weber:

Carved and ready to be served
Dawn did the veg and cut a few slices of Gammon and then we were ready to pop the champagne (sparkling wine) and eat...
My plate
 It was just the 2 of us as we had send Dawn's Mom to Plet with her Sister to visit the other sister... (so we've been eating left overs all week.)

December 26 and it's time to remember that if your intake is more than your output, you gain weight... So to help us runners there is the Manor House 10 miler. With no prizes I didn't have to race and jogged with a couple of friends till 5km to go... OK it was mostly down-hill and I can't really help myself!!!

Hope you all have a great Christmas


  1. That sounds like an epic run and a dinner well earned! Glad your holidays were nice.

  2. What a nice Christmas. One question - what are crunchies? I'm guessing biscuits but I could be way off the mark.