Thursday, December 22, 2011


Wednesday 21 December 2011:

I headed to work with my running gear in the car, after work I popped down to the V & A Waterfront for the Sundowner 10km race:

Runners arriving
 See the clouds on Table Mountain? Well that means that the wind is blowing... OK it wasn't so bad.

Joining the crowds
Almost 3000 made it to the start!!! Dawn had got a lift with a friend so she was there, not the run but to watch. She had an injury at the moment and isn't a happy camper!!! I'll tell you all about it in another post.

The start was very narrow, so I joined from the front and still ended up 4 rows back. I didn't really want to race, just aim at 38min and hope to "steel" a 3rd place in the 40+. Well I saw Johnny and Graham head out like bullets and then there was Mr Gugs and me... So I went with him and but 3km I had him beat.

I was running faster than I had planned, but it was only 10km and with nothing to lose I pushed on. The first 5km were into the wind which wasn't as bad as other years, but I still found myself doing all the work. (why does that happen) As we caught people I thought about slowing and letting them take the pace, but no!

The front boys were now heading back on the road side of the promenade while we still ran along the sea. I counted the 40+ guys: Johnny, Graham, and just ahead of me AAC, It looked like I was 4th. So I took the turn hard and set chase. 20 sec, 12sec then I had him with about 2.5km to go. YES. I didn't have to kill myself in the last 2 km and I even let 2 open guys pass me.

I crossed the line in 36:20 Happy with the time, but what!!! I was 4th, so who was ahead, and how did he escape my 'eagle' eyes? OK it was Sean and he had chanced clubs, Dam... That was to hard a run for 4th place... Next Year, less 4ths and more top 3's.

Now it's almost Christmas so that is all I'm writing for today.

Marry Christmas to you all.
Coach Dion

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  1. Always so close. Still a fourth place is nothing to be sneezed at.