Thursday, December 29, 2011


Why did I think a little run up the mountain would be a good idea? Well let me tell you:

Who wouldn't want to go up there?
I love the mountain and it's not every day I have the chance to tackle it from this side, and it's been a year. I could go on to say there is no better way for me to test my fitness than to put the whole body through a 30min workout...

So I parked on Tafelberg Rd at 07h00, stretched a bit and then set off...
1/3 of the way 
Took the picture on the way down, I had no time to stop on the way up... Mr Garmin called it 2.4km with a climb of 644m! So it's a lot of hard work. SAN Parks says allow 2 hours I was wanting 30min!!! It was always going to be close, but with the wind blowing (cable car didn't start working till later) and a pack on, this fat, slow, white boy had his work cut out. The mountain was busy with 100+ tourists walking up and they all needed to be past (yes I'm making every excuse I know).

Those grey hairs didn't help
I was up in 30:24 a little slower than I had hoped for, but it's a start... 

From there I headed to:
The top
Maclear's Beacon...
Watching my step

Love single track
then Echo Valley, and back.

Before heading down:
Past those guys on my way up
Then it was home time...
look at that traffic!

Look at the Q for the Cable car
Good thing I didn't have to stand in that, I was going home, I had been to the top already...


  1. Wow, a very popular tourist attraction. No wonder you wanted to run it so quickly. You wanted to get outta their before the crowds descended.

  2. What BEAUTIFUL country!!!! No wonder you love your mountain.

  3. That is quite a climb!! It sounds like a great run though - I wish there were places around here that are that beautiful! I could use a change of scenery and that looks perfect!

  4. Such beautiful scenery makes a run really pleasurable so I wouldn't bother about those 24 extra seconds it took you. It's not always about time!
    It reminds me of some of my (less crowded) Munro-bagging runs in the wilds of Scotland.