Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I could have headed out to Koeberg for a 15km race, but I wasn't up to racing and I had wine sales to get too!!! I never miss them and at R 238.00 for a case of wine would you... With the doors opening at 08h30 I was on the road running before 07h00. Nothing to serious, I was only heading to Price Drive for a little hill climbing.
From home it's a 4km run to Price Drive, which serves as a nice warm up. It really isn't a good hill for hill repeats, it's to long and to steep, so it's just the way I like it. So the hill climbs for about 800m then is flat for almost 200m, before climbing another 600m. We therefore have a Mile long hill with 150m climb. 8:29 up, I then left the road and headed off on a single track, but as I ran I did a little maths and decided that I could run down and up again and still get home in time...

I turned and headed down. The clock was now ticking and I had to pull finger, and focus. So with legs pumping and arms driving I tackled the hill again. 8:18 up, 6:08 down and 4:15/km back home. Leaving just enough time to take the dogs out for a short walk before Dawn returned from her run. We were now cutting things fine, so there was no time for a shower (we did have time to dive through the pool so as not to smell to bad), before popping down the road to the wine sales.
It was a good thing both Dawn and I were there as they only had 300 cases on special and we could stand both in the cash and Credit card ques. Just how close were we to not making it, well Dawn was the last one in the Q for the special (I was in the CC Q and didn't make it). 300 Cases sold in 15min...

Sunday morning I had a little more time as Church only starts at 10h00, so with a 07h00 start I had plenty of time to spend on the mountain. So running from home I headed up the Green Belts of Constantia to Cecilia forest (that should be Cecilia ex-forest as they have been felling trees). From there I headed up to the contour path and Nursery Ravine. On a good day I try and run up in about 17min, but I wasn't having a good day, so I just walk; 21min took me to the top.

I was finished and really just wanted to head straight home, but I wasn't carrying any water, so I had to do on to the tap and get water. (I had a bit of a tummy bug and was scared of dehydrating) From there I started down the Bridle Path till the 2nd corner, where I left the concrete road and took the single tracks down. I took every short cut there was and some there weren't!!!

Wait for it; on the program of Monday was 10-15 x 60 sec hills. Don't worry I wasn't going to be running them as because of that little bug I had caught, I hadn't eaten in 2 days and was really week. I did make it out for the warm up and then stood on the hills shouting at the team.

Till next time: Legs, Arms, Focus...

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