Monday, March 21, 2011


To rap up a week of hard training I needed a long run, so on Saturday morning I meet Jayde at Constantia Nek. We had chatted through the week about what to run, and had decided to run something flat and easy... (Ha, Ha, Ha).

If at all possible I like to run a little late on the weekend, so 08h00 we set off along the contour path to the Block house. Contour paths are meant to follow a contour, Right? Wrong... not this one. The 10.3km climbed over the 'Aloes' and that together with the other climbing totaled 285m. Now with a lot of this over rocky single track that 'Leg' took us all of 64min.

I took a little video of the next leg of our run, but I hit the wrong button and it didn't record, so all I can do at this stage is ask you to picture a view over Cape Town to the harbor... it looked amazing! Here the running was easy as we dropped 200m in 2.6km before "Heart Break Hill" forget about any other "Heart Break Hill", this little hill climbs 77m in only 710m. Now as if that isn't hard enough the mercury was on the rise, and had already hit 30...

We were now taking strain, me because I had loaded my pack with over 2 liters of water, a cel phone a video camera, and a few other things, while Jayde had run out of water.

Good thing this river was still running:

With just under 2h30 on the Garmin we were back at the cars. (24km)

One of the thing I always do when I get home from a run is weigh myself... 62.4kg that's my goal weight, my racing weight, I had lost over 2kg in 2h30min. OK maybe a 2h30 run on the mountain in the heat with a 3kg pack on isn't the right way to loss weight. This evening I was 64.6kg That was one real 'LAST CHANCE WORK OUT'.


  1. My dad ways himself immediately after running too. He refuses to drink any water until after he steps on the scale. He will drink as needed during a long run but not after until he weighs himself.

    Thank you for your comments on the mileage post. So true about only racing a few days out of the year, so training may as well be enjoyable...

  2. Wow.... Just.... Wow! I don't even know what to say. I am flatly in awe of you! Great post!