Friday, March 18, 2011

WEEK 1, 14-20 March 2011

With week one of the final push for Oceans almost over I have to see how things are going. I know a lot of you are also in the final stages of training, and we are all hoping that the weeks we have under our belts are enough...

So my week has looked like this:
  • Monday , well Sunday was a rest day with only 110km cycle, so I didn't have to worry about running flat and easy, so I split the group and took to trail runners up to the Block house on the back paths up so mean hills...
  • Tuesday I started the day with a 7.5km run, it was great been out at 05h15, I need a couple more of these if I want to get back to the top of my game.
  • Tuesday evening was 6 x 1km road reps with 90sec rest. I would like to be running these a little faster but I'm still worried getting injured so I'm still 5-10sec slower than last year.
  • Wednesday evening was another fantastic run in the forest through to Kirstenbosch. I'm not cranking out the miles, so turning out the bottom gate was more then enough. We again climbed some big hills, but heading home was easy and on the road. We ran the last 7km of our 13km run at 4:25/km.
  • Thursday didn't start well as I had thought about getting up, but that didn't happen!!! So I would have to make up for it in the evenings session... HILLS I would have like to have run a couple more, but I had the movies to get too (The King's Speech). 6 x 2min would just have to do. Yes I had the guys running all the way to the bend at R/Men to build a little strength.
  • Friday Morning I had wanted to get up and run, but the body didn't feel like running after last nights hills and sitting in the movie house with Dawn's legs on mine.
A long weekend lies ahead of us so there is still lots of time to put in a couple of big runs, and how about a 10km race...

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