Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So we are another week closer to what ever race we are aiming at... and as the weeks tick by the sessions are getting harder and the mileage is getting more.

Last week it was 6 x 1km with 75 sec rest, this week 6 x 1km with 60sec rest. (Good thing I'm not yet looking at a marathon or I might be aiming at 8-10 x 1km.)
My mileage has climbed from 90km to 107km last week. Don't know what this week will total out at, but it should be about 110km

The good thing is it's just one more week up over 100km before I can look at cutting back. I just hope the body holds out. With my injury's of last year I have not been pushing the sessions. OK I have been pushing the sessions, but I have kept my 'speed' (or lack there off) under control.

How do you keep your speed under control you might well ask? Well you run in the morning, so when it comes to session time your legs are tired!!!

I hope all your training is still on track as most of you are approaching your big race.

QUESTION: What is your 'big' race?

I have to many, but if I must choose one I'll go with Zermatt Marathon 9th July (but African-X, 3 day trail, race is also quite big).

keep training


  1. Speed hmmm I beginning to wonder if I can ever do speed training without something hurting. I've got a marathon May 15th!

  2. Question: When you rest, do you jog in between or stop completely? And you already know my big race because I won't stop talking about it on my blog!

  3. Answer; I walk and shake my legs out, I will only stop if I feel I need to stretch anything.

  4. You have some great races coming up! My "big" one is this weekend in NYC...another half marathon for me. I've never gone longer so this is big for me.

  5. My BIG race is the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in October! Last year, I finished in 2:45. I'd *love* to finish in 2:30 this year.

    How do I learn to love hills?