Sunday, June 5, 2011


After a rest week it is always good to test yourself to see how the training is paying off. So after a week with only a couple (4) of easy runs I was ready to take on the world. Sunday morning my legs felt great, which was a good thing as I was lining up for the Table Mountain 16km race for the 22nd time. (since '89 I've only missed '90)

The start was delayed by 30min because the organizers didn't have the key to open the gate onto the mountain to get the few marshals up to their places. (SANP were running late) We sat in the car to stay warm (and dry as it decided to rain for a few minutes.) Then all to soon we had lined up and the gun went. Ake set the yearly pace and was soon joined by a guy running for Nedbank and one running for Bidvest. I was in 4th. I past Ake at about 1km and set my sights on the two guys up front. 1st I caught Mr. Bidvest, then I took Mr. Nedbank. Mr. Garmin told me that 1km was 4:18 and 2km 5:00. I was now out front and had to push home the advantage, 3km 5:28 (117m climb) and then to 4km 6:02 (125m climb). That took us past the bridge and with the hill all but over I had to pick up the pace. 4:31 to 5km (25:21). Only 300m to the king... I was 1st up in a time of 26:41. (my best time to here is 25:48, back in 2002) From here it is a short run to the dams, around and back. I was running hard trying to keep the gap. I was about to get a split as we crossed the dam wall, about 60 sec, would that be enough...

18:54 for the 5-ish-km around the top. I still had a lead, but Mr. Nedbank was catching. Mr. Garmin tells me that I went through 10km in 44:41, and now it was time to go down.

3:24, 3:21, but that wasn't faster enough, I was past just before the bridge and the steep down hill. Now 15 years ago I could run down hill and would have been knocking off sub 3's but not any more... 3:18, 3:12, 3:14, wait for it, I was caught by the 3rd placed guy with 1km to go so I had to settle for 3rd and 1st 40+.

My time of 63:00 was my fastest since 2007 and that was only 5 sec faster.

I'm happy with my form, and feel I had something to work with in my final build-up to my marathon.

Time to go big...


  1. I always have to convert your km's in my head so there is a few second delay before I bust out with my "WOW's, Holy Shit's and No way's!" Awesome job! You would crush American courses! Your hills are sick!!

    I'm also very glad to hear your easy week helped. I have that next week before my 10k on saturday. I tend to stress out when my coach knocks my mileage down. I usually do 60 miles a week...not next week!

    Congrats again!

  2. KNow what you mean, back in '97 I ran a marathon in the States and it was markes in miles, couldn't work out how fast I was runnning till half way!!!

  3. It's interesting for me to see how other train for marathons, especially in your case, since you're such an experienced runner.
    just four weeks after obtaining your base? Your base certainly isn't equivalent to anyone else's base that I'm aware of.
    I've just been running races for about a year so I'm just learning about all this new stuff, always something to learn.

  4. Hi there Neon Blonde, It is interesting what you say, I like to think I'm always in shape, I tick over at about 50 miles a week with a long run of 2-3 hours on the mountain!!! (love trail running) When I aim at a marathon the only real thing I change is: a) my 2nd weekend run gets longer 13+ miles on the road. b) my sessions also get longer from 6km to 8+km.

  5. I wont try to convert your Km to something I can understand; suffice to know you are fast! love the pictures! seems like you had a nice lead and heck, third overall is a nice place.
    I ran a marathon in Toronto and the Km drove me crazy! I couldn't figure out my kept me busy though

  6. Ok, I see so far I'm the first local to comment, and I can vouch for the severity of the uphill Deon describes - and got to the top of in 26:41... that's seriously moving! Congrats on your time, speedster, it's great to see you're having a brilliant year. Next up, Jung Frau? When's the race?