Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll write again!!!!

Yes I do take holidays and as you might know I off to the land of Chocolate, is there anything else important there? Oh yes, the Alps. What about Cheese, Cukoo clocks, Swiss Army Knives, and Cow Bells!!! (and my wifes favourite: Roger Federer)

We fly on Saturday and I haven't started packing... but how much packing do I need to do?

Holiday highlight?

  • Hope to meet my best friend in Zurich. (been friends since 1984)

  • IAAF Diamond League Lausanne. (look out for me on the home straight, not running, but waving a SA flag, maybe I should take my Vuvuzela as well....)

  • Hiking in the Alps.

  • Zermatt Marathon!!!!

  • How is this for sweet, being alone with my wife!!!

Now it's time to do a little work before home time... Then I need to pack my bags.

If I have access to the net I'll try and write a story or 2 before I get back.