Friday, June 10, 2011


So how did week one go:

After the race on Sunday I had and easy 10km on Monday, also go in a couple of situps to work on my core.
Tuesday was anything but easy: it started at 05h15 when I was up for a short 8.5km run before work, but it was the evening session that sorted the man from the boys... 3 x 3km. Nothing like setting off for that 3rd one and fighting all the way to stay on pace. (10:27, 10:24, 10:28)
Wednesday was 12km easy through the forest and steady home on the roads.
Thursday morning called for the next 05h15 start, another 8.5km. Then again it was session time in the evening: Hills... Long hills, 7 x to the top (2:11 ave.) and I wasn't taking it easy on the way down!
Love Friday rests...
Bring on Saturday and the mountain, 3h11.27, 26.3km, 1298.5m climb...

I have some pictures:

top on Kloof corner

The view of where we had come from

Mark climbing the last bit of Platterklip
Ake, Will, Jayde resting at the top

That leaves Sunday: What does one do after 3 hours on the mountain? Well you line up for a hilly 21.1... It's a new race on the calendar, and they stuffed up having a 10km a walk and a 5km and it looked like they all joined up for bits of the route it was a mess for that section of the race. But wait there is more, the marshells sent us the wrong way so we went from 6 to 9 in 6min!!! losing 1.5km (a couple of guys lost another 3km). Now I was running for a time, and while in this mess they stopped us to let the cars go. I was not happy to yes the least as I was lying 2nd 40+ and the 1st 50+ was with me...
Moving on I crossed the finishing line and Mr. Garnim read 19.5km so I grabbed my finishing card and without slowing down I headed out on the road again till 21.1km. I stopped my watch just under 80min so I was happy.

I don't know what happened at prizegiving as I left and headed off to church. I hope they got things right and I hope I get my prize!!!


  1. not the dreaded misdirect! That is the worst! You still rocked it though! Good job!