Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So after managing to put last week together I don't really want this week to fall apart... Well right from the start things haven't been going as to plan!!!

Thursday is a holiday so that is throwing a spanner in the works. Now I started by moving the session forward to Monday: 3 x 2km, my legs were a bit tired so they were a bit slow, but they are in the log book and will have to take even if the splits aren't were I wanted them to be.

Tuesday Morning I slept in so come the evening I was a few km short. Now I can't aford to fall to far behind with the weekly so I upped the run from 12km to 15km. The week isn't over and with a party on tonight I can't get to the club. I hope I get a good enough run in on my own, we will have to wait and see.

Roll on Thursday and the Public Holiday. I think I will head out for 2 hours of road and forest...

Now I took a couple of pictures on the weekend and those I inclued in the last post, but I also ran the last of Platterklip with my photo on Video!!!

Hope you guys can see it:


  1. wow...that is some hard core trail running! Looks like fun tho!

  2. Wow! You are living the dream!!! Good on you for taking advantage of it. The beautiful topograpgy out there is breathtaking.