Thursday, October 13, 2011


So this is week one of my 6 week build up to Winelands marathon...

OK I really started on the weekend with a long run and so Monday was just an easy flat (if you can call anything flat on the side of Table Mountain) 10km with a couple of very short hills to focus on our style.

Not one to mess around I was up at 05h15 for a morning run on Tuesday before the evenings session: 3 x 3km at 10km race, rest 2min (OK we had 2:30 before the 3rd one).

As a warm-up we ran 1.5km to the Common and then rested stretched for a bit before I said go:
Ronderbosch Common

Marc had asked if we could run the back straight (Milner Rd) with the wind (up the page) so we started at the bottom left hand corner (the finish line of a 5km TT) and set off around the common 1 lap and +_300m. I was spot on 11:00. 2nd 3km was run the other way round and yes the wind was hard on the long straight. I work hard and nailed it 10:53. Number 3km I was game to call it quits, but the boys (and girl) were game for number 3...(I didn't let then know I was week). Damian kept me going as I kept falling off the back and thanks to him I pulled through in 10:56!!!

I've got a long way to go if I want to nail this marathon...

Wednesday was just an easy half forest half road run. We always take the forest at the start easy / slow and then try and pick it up a bit on the way back. I was happy as we averaged 4:35 for the last 6.15km.

This evening there are hills on the program so we will see what my legs can do after my little 7.5km run this morning.

What does the weekend hold? Well after a well earned rest on Friday my Wife and I will be up early to run the 10km race. I hope to get in a good warm-up and cool down as I want 20km for the morning to go with the 20km on the mountain planned for Sunday morning.

I still spend my lunches in town walk...


Wish me luck as I round off week 1.

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