Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yes we've been overseas this year, but we needed a weekend away, our first for the year. Dawn picked up the pet directory and started looking for a place for us to spend a few days away from it all with just the dogs to keep us company.

I took Friday off work (did mean I could put in a 14km run with one of Dawn's friends while she finished off a few things before we left.) Packing didn't take long, but we had 300km to drive, and an early start was always going to be a good thing. (note to self, the next weekend away should be a little closer).

Didn't do much Friday evening, but Saturday started with a 30km run: OK let me fill you in a bit... We had gone to Vermaarklikheid!!! Don't ask, it's in the middle of nowhere, so my run went like this..
Headed out on the road to nowhere...

Ready to run

Took a 2nd road to nowhere

Saw a dung beetle

That was 30km...

The profile looked like this:
It wasn't flat

After a paddle on the river:

Dawn doing all the paddling

don't drop the phone...

We braai-ed that evening:

All to soon the weekend was over and we were heading home, tomorrow it's back to work...


  1. Looks like a great weekend away. I don't know about that road mentally though. Wow! and those hills!

  2. Looks pretty awesome! I'm betting you have amazing places to get away to where you are.

  3. @Detroit runner, I needed 30 for my Marathon and there were no trail, all fenced off.
    @Misszippy yes and we need to get away more...

  4. Wow that run doesn't sound too pleasant with those hills, but at least you got to enjoy a nice weekend away afterward! I would love to go paddling on a river but they are frozen right now...

  5. Smashing weekend, great pictures - and just look at those blue skies. I'm envious!
    PS. Cute dogs too. Jack Russells?

  6. Great weekend! Your life is AMAZING!!! Good on you for being grateful for it!