Monday, October 3, 2011


With 7 weeks to my Marathon I should have a nice base and be ready for a rest / easy week before the last push... Well I'm fat, slow and unfit!!! Training for a marathon isn't like learning for an exam!!! If you have done no learning for the last couple of weeks before and exam you can alway cram pulling an alnighter, and yes we've all done that and made it through.

It looks like I'm in that place with my training!!! I need to pull an allnighter (if you are a novice / young runner, don't try this). You all know the 10% rule, yes only add about 10% mileage to your weekly total at a time, Well I don't have time for that, I need a couple of big weeks and I need them now!!! I read about all of you training hard for your marathons and how you are all on 20 mile number 2/3, while I've just got to 10miles!!!

Don't worry I don't plan on killing myself, I just plan on putting in a couple of morning runs. (Plans are one thing, but getting up at 05h00 in the dark to go running alone leaving the lovely wife in bed, not easy!!!)

This last week I was full into training and did my biggest week in almost 2 months all of 65km (40mile) with a long run of 16.5km. Wait for it, I would have had 19km if I was 20 sec slower... Why? Well I saw Dawn walking the dogs and joined her and got a lift home... if I was 20sec slower I would have missed her and turned onto another track home. Good thing bad thing, I don't know...

Saturday I lined up for another 10km race, the 3rd one in 3 weeks. Again I was aiming at sub 38min, the pace isn't hard at all and the 1st 3-5km was really easy... then it starts to be hard as the lack of running in my legs starts to catch up. But it was a nice route and the last 3.5km were down or flat so I was able to hold it together and finish with a 37:37.

OK enough for today, but next week we hope to have to camera out again, till then keep training.


  1. I'm doing a half this weekend with my son who's never run anywhere near that distance in his life. I have been training diligently and he's been playing soccer so last weekend he thought he'd better see if he could go close. 18k and he was comfortable! Seems you can cram for a half - but only if soccer has given you a good base and you're a 20something male.

  2. I'm 40 something and aiming at a full!!! Lucky for me I've got a couple of weeks to do the cramming.

  3. I've got no doubt that you are up to the charge! I can't wait to hear all about it.

    Re: Your advice to me - I really can't thank you enough Coach! I don't know how you knew, from so far away, that I could do it. But thanks for knowing.

  4. I hear you! Last week I ran 27 miles. The 10% rule is going out the window this week! I'm happy to be running again but I can't spend a year on the come back! I'll probably do 40 this week then slowly add. I'll never understand you're sub 39's without training!! DAMN!! Happy Running!