Monday, October 17, 2011


Peanut Boy

Well that is how I feel... Last up we were about to run hills, and HILLS we ran:

Nice easy session, short warm-up followed but 10 x 60sec hills then a 2.5km flat run before heading back to the hill for more... 10 x 10 sec fast. Need to do a couple more fast sessions to get my speed back.

Role on the weekend since I rest on a Friday...
In a race for club points (blog for another day) My wife and I headed out to the mornings 10km race. A nice little race that I have run many times before. The route climbs a little on the way out and then, yes you have guessed it down on the way back. So if you can work well going out you can ran an OK time as holding it together coming back is easy!!!

2 weeks ago I ran 37:37 and with 1 weeks training behind me I was ready to go a little faster. (note: you must remember that I was running 35mins back in June and all the training is doing for me is getting my legs working again yes fitter, but not in one week...) The first km was flat and I past the board in 3:43. as the climb (in my mountain running books it was still flat) started I asked Mr. Garmin to show my ave pace for the race, which he so kindly did. Now all I wanted to do was keep the average under 3:45. I was working hard and keeping an eye on the pace... at one stage I had it was 3:42 but then YES but then it was more hill time and on the climb to 5km I slowed to 3:44, (18:44). Game on!!! But the down hill didn't really start for another 500m... While running I wasn't really looking at my race time, just that average pace, and now it was coming down. Running at that speed and without a spreadsheet to help I just didn't know what pace I needed to break 37min. That at 7km I saw my running time 26:00 and I did the maths (ok it took me 500m) 11min for 3km then I know it was on... (After Tuesday's session) Now as you all know Mr. Garmin and the race markings aren't always the same, so I was hoping the last km would be not much more that 1000m. I was in luck... With a 36 behind my name I'm back in the game. (OK it was only 36:55)

So why do I feel like Mr Peanut? Role on Sunday and a 2 hour long run... I went flat and ended up with 26km. If I was feeling good I would have done a couple of extra km, but not today... I was buggered!!!

With a marathon in my sights I need a couple of 30km runs so heres hoping next week I feel stronger.


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  1. Long runs always make me feel like that. They just exhaust me physically and mentally, and all I want to do is sleep and eat after them! I hope your training week is going well!