Monday, November 14, 2011


Unlike the half of last week I wasn't running, but Dawn was so I was still up early to show my support and to take pictures...
The Start

Heading out

The lead ladies

A girl Friend!!!

My Wife and her friend

The front boys

Leading 40+

Mike only made it to 6km!!!

That's me running with One of the 7 Wonders of the World in the back ground!

Only 2 in the lead group with 500m to go.

Jana dropped my wife!!!
Still friends after the race
That's my story...


  1. I love race photos!! Though mine are always terrible because I'm usually cheering so enthusiastically that the pictures come out blurry! Looks like it was a good race!

  2. What a great race. You wife rocks!!! She looks awesome! GREAT photos, too. How exciting your life is!

    Thanks for visiting my page, too:
    Yeah! One of the Moms at the BGC asked me to help her work running into her workout so I told her I'd teach her all I knew. Then (yes!) we could do the Stinky Feet 5k in December!
    She's not all together sure she can do it but she's excited. I know she can do it. We've covered the distance several times already.
    Thanks for your kind words. It's always great to hear from the Master.

  3. Great set of race photos and some awesome looking runners - and that includes Dawn!