Friday, November 4, 2011


So while my Marathon training is going OK and I'm starting to feel a little fitter, the fact that I've challenged a friend to a mile a week later is starting to worry me. (I like to win...)

So this week started well, after an easy recovery run on Monday (it was needed after the weekends 30km) we hit the track on Tuesday.
8 x 1000m with 90 sec rest. I was clever and followed my advice and set out at the right pace, not trying to keep up with Nelson I aimed at just breaking 3:30. I was thinking I need to get to 8 and I'm aiming at a sub 3 marathon (2h45 if it all comes together, yes the steaks are up again)
My times:3:27  3:25  3:26  3:26  3:24  3:22  3:23  3:17 (I gave it horns in the last one) (in fact as the group got smaller and smaller I got faster and faster. Not ever-one is training for a marathon.)

Wednesdays 14km was half in the forest and half on the road, so it was hilly and with the boys trying to show who's boss the pace always hots up as we start heading back to the club!

Thursday, Yes Thursday... 15 x 400m 60sec rest!!! I love it...
Now with a MILE is my sights I should be running these is 59 sec so I could be aiming at the magical 3:59:99
OK in my case I think I had better aim at 4:59:99 so that is 75sec laps. If I was honest I should be aiming at running them in 72's till I can't any more and then calling it quits. But I'm not a Miler I'm a Marathoner who is going to run a MILE...
79.4  76.1  77.3  76.3  77.0 5 down they are easy, but I little slow, need to get them to 76..
76.6  76.5  77.0  76.0  76.9 10 down getting better only one out of place.
75.7  75.4  75.6  75.0  72.4 That all of them, and with that last one maybe, just maybe a 4:50 mile is possible!

This weekend hold my last 30km which should be interesting as I'm running a Half on Sunday and hoping to put in 3km of warm up and then as I finish run back for my wife to make up 30... Now this half has it's own story, so let us leave that for next week..

Enough said have a great weekend and if you are racing: GO KICK SOME BUTT


  1. Thursday's workout sounds awesome. I love 400 repeats, especially at the end of cross country season after doing most of my workouts on trails. Running on the track makes it feel easy! Now I'm getting all excited about track season just thinking about it. Good luck with your half!

  2. Really impressed with those 1000m splits, excellent training for your anticipated sub 3 hour marathon. Not that I ever did anything like that!
    Good luck in ALL your forthcoming races.

  3. Not having chosen my parent very well I make up for it by training harder than any-one else...