Friday, November 25, 2011


So what have I been doing this week to recover from this:
Yes it was hot at the end of the marathon!
Like a good boy I took Sunday off, Dawn went for her morning run (she had taken Saturday off to support us.) So while she ran I took the dog for a walk.
Now on Monday I was back at the club, and once I had sent the other guys off for an easy run I walked down to the track. Yes a lot of you would have said an easy run would be OK, but I think a little track helps stretch out the legs... So I did 10 x 50m. It wasn't about running fast it was about getting the legs working, and yes the last 3 were under 8.5sec down from 11.8!!!!

Tuesday I took the guys to the hill and let them run 10 x 60 sec, while I ran 10 x 10sec. I must say I was running nicely and was please the way they turned out.

Still not wanting to just get out there and plod, on Thursday I headed here:
Rhodes Mem
Yes I jogged up to Rhodes Mem for a couple of STAIRS!!! There are 49 stairs, but I don't run up the little ones, I head up and down the big ones!! (about 25 of them).
So I ran up, looked at the view:
The View
And run down, only to do it all again, 22 time!!! Each loop takes between 46 - 43sec.

Come Thursday and I was almost ready to start training properly again, so after the 5km warmup I joined in the sesion of fast / slow 200m's. I ran the fasts in just under 36sec (I would like to think that is my mile pace), and then took the slows very easy +_5min/km pace.

With the week now behind us I am ready for the weekend, and then... next week I race a MILE.

Steve took the picure of me and I found the pictures of R/Mem on the web.


  1. You are just like me! Good job! Great pics too.

  2. Yes, Tappan was the loyal photographer...but my camera is very out of date, so I'm actually on a search for a new one, funny you mention it!

    Lovely view from the top of those stairs. That's quite a recovery week, sounds like you jumped right back into it.

  3. That stairs workout sounds really good!

    Good luck on the mile race, I know that you will do well.

  4. Your photos are always so fantastic :) I hope to be as fast as you one day

  5. I don't kno much about recovering from marathons, but I ould imagine it would be beneficial to keep the legs moving a bit. I love the view from Rhodes Mem!