Wednesday, November 9, 2011


With the 10th running of The Landmarks Half I was lining up for my 10th run... I wasn't the only one I think there were 26 of us.

With my marathon still 2 weeks away I was going to run hard on my tired legs and see what I could do... So would was my aim on the start line? Well first up I had to put in a couple of km before the race as a warm up and as extra mileage. I didn't feel bad in the first 5km and was right on target time 18:01. Those km had been very flat and I had been running with 2 other 40+ guys, we were fighting for 3rd place... 5km-10km the race changed as we climb to Rhodes Memorial a climb of 147m I took 20:27 leaving the other 40+ guys behind, I even thought I might catch Sean... With the climb done it was time to head down... I didn't hammer it, but tried to keep the pace up as we hit the flats, but the legs were heavy and those 5km to 15km took me 18:04 fast enough for a flat 5km, but this was down hill we dropped 127m. I glance over my shoulder let me know I was been caught.

The legs didn't have anything in them and at 17km I was taken and lost my 3rd place. I got to 20km (last 5km 18:39) with enough time time the bag still to break 80min (79:35).

I was happy with the time, but on fresh legs I would have kept my 3rd place. (I get him if he runs the marathon.)
Now the important news: I was the 1st guy running his 10th to finish, so permanent number 1:

Number One
I was shattered so only managed 3.4km warm down while running back for my wife (who lost out on winning her category in the last km...)

After adding up my weekly mileage I found out I was 3km short of 100km for the week...

Yes I ran home after walking the dogs in the evening....


  1. I love that bib! So great. And sounds like the perfect warm-up to the marathon.

  2. 100 k is huge. No wonder your legs were so tired. I've been following your blog for just a little while now and can't wait till you run your marathon. It'll be so interesting to see what you can do.

  3. Looking forward to the marathon, just hope the legs freshen up nicely in this taper...

  4. Wow you did great considering you ran on tired legs! Your going to do great in the marathon. I kind of hope the guy that passed you runs the marathon so you can show him who's boss, haha.

  5. Nice bib great run, goodluck in the mara enjoy the taper!

  6. Thanks for the good thoughts on my marathon...didn't go as I had hoped, but there will be redemption one day!