Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A LOOK AT 2011

Back in January 2011 I was coming back from injury and was taking it easy. I ran OK in a couple of short trail runs and then in Feb I ran the FREEDOM RACE and if I hadn't taken a wrong turn I would have had a good time for 27km. (I now have a good time for 27.5km!)

In March it was time to race a 10km race 35:30 so thing were going well.

April was a good month with a solid 30km, and a couple of trail wins... I did enjoy winning Oceans Trail and getting my picture in the paper!

In May I started to train for a Mountain marathon and in June I had a good 15km race running 52:00 the day we felt on holiday. And then at the end of the holiday I ran my mountain Marathon, with didn't go as to plan, but I had a great holiday, so who cares...

It didn't take long to get my speed back and I ran a good Cross Country Champs and was looking forward to taking on the world... OK the local trail races! But I got sick and then Mr Spider put pay to the next couple of big races...

The comeback was slow, but I was soon racing again... 10 km after 10km race and by the end of October 10km number 6 in a row I was ready to go hard!!! With the help of my Magic shoes I race 34:56.

Now it was time to train for a marathon so I did a bit of marathon cramming!!! (if you arenew to running don't cram for a marathon!) and it almost paid off. I had a good run only hurting in the last couple of km.

So now for a couple of numbers:

1 x Track race (plan to run more in 2012)
4 x Cross Country (plan to run more in 2012)
12 x trail races (no plans here what happens happens!)
34 x road races!!! (no plans, but I want to run fast!!!)
3862.9km ran in the year with 11 week over 100km
no 0km weeks smallest week 5km

Roll on 2012


  1. Not a bad year considering the conservative start. Actually it's pretty damned impressive - but big numbers always impress me.

  2. I think your year was really good! I'm sure you'll have a lot of really fast races this year, especially if you do more on the track. Congrats on a great 2011!!

  3. Wow--that's a ton of racing and racing well! Congrats on a great year and here's to a fantastic 2012!

  4. Very impressive!

    The best 10K I ever ran was in S.A. during a visit for a medical meeting in Jo-Berg. Training at altitude then running a measured course near the Kruger gave me a 37 minute run. I'm not in your league, but I've been running over 30 years, on five continents, and have covered over 50, 000 miles easy and still keeping on keeping on. Some of us were born to run :-)


  5. if you wish to visit :-)

  6. You had a great 2011! Tons of great pics and good races! And very fast times!

  7. Wow, was that a spider or a tick? YOUR mountain is so very beautiful. I look forward to reading your posts.