Thursday, January 6, 2011


No time to waste in 2011, so we got right into training:

Monday started with a easy run... OK I took the boys up to the Block House, a 400+m climb, that's my type of easy 10km

Tuesday: Track, 6 x 1000m in 31 degree heat, with 80sec rest (for me). The boys were all running faster than me, to start with... My friend Jacov was flying, he's down from Jo'burg and loving all the oxygen here in Cape Town, he was out front running at sub 3:10. I was at the back running 3:45. This session had the makings of another "January 5 Massacre" as I kept my pace and started to catch the boys. By the end we had both athletes and water bottles lying on the track.

Wednesday midweek long run, well I'm still on the come back trail, so I decided to go for an easy 10km in the forest, OH it was hotter than Tuesday.

Thursday and it's still in the 30's, perfect weather for a couple of hills... I sat out the warmup and started the hills. 60sec hard up, jog down. Finished 6 before the team arrived. The aim was 15-20, but 10 was the order of the day.

I'll rest Friday and Saturday, Then we have a 30km race on Sunday!!! I'm not racing, but plan to run with my wife.
If my body holds out I can enjoy the rest week next week before the next block of training starts.

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