Friday, January 28, 2011


Yes I'm the Coach and last night I was evil!!! So we often do Hills or 400's on a Thursday, but last night I had something else on the program.
A tempo run: So we ran as a team (7 of us) up to the old zoo parking lot were we streched and got ready for the run. I explained the route and set them off on a hard run... They were thinking that coach had gone soft, last week it was 15 x 60sec hills, 5km tempo is easy.

Boy were they wrong... OK it was 5.2km and they had all run nicely. I, having raced the night before, ran just behind the boys and ahead of the 1 lady who had joined us. I even waited to ensure she didn't take a wrong turn. Now after we were all in and rested, they though a quiet run back to the club was in order...

HA HA HA I said: Now we run back. Yes another 5.2km hard...

I ran even splits 20:46 and 20:41 as for the other some ran faster and some slower...

As Evil as I was 2 of the guys have already told be what a great session last nights was. I might have to bring out a few more surprises.

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  1. Coach,
    When racing for PBs, top finish, prize money, top placing in category, ego, etc ...... I believe the key to achieving (besides being realistic) is mental toughness. We all have stories to tell about races that started off well and got nasty due to cramp, fall, trotters, blisters etc, etc. Ground Zero becomes Ground Zero Minus Two and so the body vs mind games begin....Thursday workout was just a little dress rehearsal for another testing day at the races.
    No problems with a few surprises now and then.

    Thanks again!