Monday, January 17, 2011


This last weekend I lined up for another race, and this time I put it on the line, balls to the wall kind of stuff!!! Hohenhort 15km is run in the Leafy, Expensive suburb of Constantia.
After Wednesday's TT I know I knew I had a sub 60 in me, but I was going to have to pull out all the stops, So I went for it as the gun broke the morning silence...
Down the little hill I was able to get the pace up and 'take the lead'. I aways race my friends, so it was them I was ahead of, and I know I needed to be up there as they all could run the last 5km a lot faster than me. My race plan was start hard and hammer the first hill, then take it from there... By half way I was spent, but most of the climbing was over and I hadn't lost any time, it was now just a matter of holding it together on the down hills. With the legs not really wanting to go I held my pace knocking of the km. Acouple of guys came past and there was nothing I could do, I didn't mind I was going under an hour...
Then in the last km the first lady caught me and as she started to get ahead my ego kicked in, and as if running with a power from another world I powered up the hill and beat her to the finish line.
3:52 3:45 4:14 (that was up the first hill) 3:38 4:07 4:10 (next hill) 3;41 3:49 3:43 this was down and up 4:13 4:11 another hill 3:48 3:54 3:54 (down hill) 3:51 little hill to finish, but I was putting my body on the line... 58:55 finished 25th

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